Terms & Conditions

For the purposes of these terms and conditions the following definitions shall apply:

We reserve the right to refuse or decline work at our discretion. Where we agree to undertake works for a Customer those works shall be performed by the designated Operative of the Company at its absolute discretion.

  • The Company” or “We” shall mean “help at home services” Limited and its appointed agents, to include Independent Licensed Operators
  • The Customer” or “You” shall mean the person or organization who books a job and/or for whom the Company agrees to undertake works and/or supply materials.
  • The “Operative” shall mean the representative appointed by the Company to undertake the work.
  1. It is the Company’s intention that all the terms of the agreement between us (including details of the services and any goods and materials we are to provide) are contained in this document and where relevant other documents concerning our guarantee or quotations or estimates which we may issue. If you do not accept any of the provisions included in these Terms and Conditions please let us know so that if agreed any such change can be included.
  2. The total charge to you shall be stated on the Invoice/job Sheet or where prices are stated on our current standard price for services provided. The charge shall consist of the cost of materials supplied by the Company and the amount of time spent by the Operative in undertaking the works (including reasonable time spent obtaining unstocked parts and materials) charged in accordance with the Company’s current schedule of rates. We may increase the price payable by you to cover any increase in our costs in providing the services, goods and materials. All charges are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate, and this will begin after April 2014.
  3. Where we have given you an estimate of the price payable for the services, goods and/or materials you ask us to provide, we will do our best to complete the work and provide the services, goods and/or materials for the estimated amount. However, the price payable by you may exceed the Price Estimate, but we undertake only to increase the price by a reasonable amount which shall reflect the work done. Price Estimates given by the Company are valid for 28 days from the date they are given. However, we may withdraw the Price Estimate at any time before it is accepted by you.
  4. We shall not be under any obligation to provide an estimate. We shall not be bound by any estimates given in which manifest errors occur.
  5. Collection of non-stocked parts and materials is chargeable but Time taken shall be kept to a minimum and reasonable.

    5.1 You shall be informed wherever possible when the Operative(s) leaves the premises

  6. We shall invoice for the work undertaken and/or any goods and parts/materials supplied immediately after the work is done and the Total Due on the invoice shall be payable by you immediately. If you do not pay the Total Due immediately without the Company’s authorization we reserve the right to levy an administration charge of £20 per week.
  7. Payment may be made by cash, transfer to the company account or card with 3.5% of extra charge; except UK debit and electron delta card. (American Express is 5% chargeable). The time is charged at the moment when our handyman arrives at client property.

    7.1 Company reserve all rights to acquire clients card details to secure measures in regard to last minute cancellations in accordance to our terms and conditions. This method is agreed during the booking arrangement, and details will be destroyed after payment and service completed.

    7.2 If card details are not provided in accordance to clause 7.1 , such details need to be provided at least 4 hours prior to the service started.

    7.3 Card transactions are processed on the day of the service.

    7.4 When a service is estimated, quote or a price is given hourly and the client have accepted, we will require 50% of deposit in advance to demand our expenses of labour and material.

  8. Where the Customer does not pay the Company the Total Due within 5 days of the date of the invoice, in addition to the £20 administration charge set out in clause 6 above the Customer must pay us interest on the outstanding amount at the prevailing rate plus 4% per annum or pro rata per month or part of a month thereof and this rate shall apply both before and after the issue of any legal proceedings we may take against the Customer to recover any unpaid amount. You must pay the Company an administration charge of £20 in respect of each dishonoured check you give us.
  9. In the event that the Operative is unable to gain access to the premises at which you have booked a job you will be liable to pay an amount equivalent to the call-out charge and the charge due for the initial period of work time. This shall apply irrespective of the job being booked directly by you or by someone on your behalf e.g. tenant. Cancellations and postpone bookings must be made 48 hours before; otherwise a fee of £50 will be charged as we reserve the right to sett off any charges.
  10. We shall agree with you a date and time for the works to be undertaken and we shall use our best endeavours to ensure the Operative attends at the agreed date and/or time. However we accept no liability in respect of the non attendance or late attendance of the Operative or for the late or non delivery of materials.
  11. Any date or dates included in our estimate or quote are estimated dates only and we shall not be in breach of this agreement for failing to start or finish work by any date given in our estimate or quote
  12. When we have completed the work and/or supplied goods and materials we shall invite you to inspect the work and/or the goods and/or materials and shall ask you to sign the invoice indicating receipt of those goods and materials and/or that the work has been done. Your signature on the invoice will constitute acceptance of any work done or goods and/or materials supplied.
  13. We shall not be liable for and accept no responsibility for unavoidable damage caused, or any unforeseeable loss you may suffer as a result of the work carried out, nor shall we be liable for any loss of any nature which is not caused by our negligence or our breach of the terms of the agreement between us.This include:13.1 Customer, homeowner or tenant will be responsible to follow health and safety measurements during the refurbishment into the property. We will advice people who live in the property to use shoes or trainers when walking into the work place or area.
  14. You must let us know of anything which you believe may present a hazard or danger to the Operative carrying out work before such work is started. You must also make sure that we have clear access to the work area and provide us with a supply of mains electricity and water if necessary. If we incur additional work or expense as a result of your failure to provide us with clear access, mains electricity and water, we may charge you a reasonable additional sum in respect of such additional work and/or expense.14.1 Customer sole responsibility is to provide or arrange to us (Company) expenses of permits including parking or visitor permits or vouchers or relevant change for the parking meters, permissions and licenses necessary for the work to be completed. Including a reserve of suitable parking or suspension bay nearby the property for our vehicles, if required. As a result of your failure to obtain those permits mentioned above, we are liable to, indemnity and hold us harmless for the full amount of such liability.
  15. In addition to your other legal rights we will guarantee a period of 28 days of goods and materials supplied by us against defects in design materials in accordance with the suppliers terms and conditions unless one of the circumstances set out in clause 17 applies, in which case no guarantee will be given.
  16. We are not obliged to offer a Guarantee. If after having inspected the work or item we have provided and after considering the work you have requested us to provide we consider we are unable to offer a Guarantee we shall notify you of the reasons accordingly.
  17. The Guarantee shall be labour only in respect of faulty workmanship for 28 days from completion and the manufacturers warranty in force. The Guarantee will be null and void if the work completed or item supplied by us isSubject to misuse or negligenceRepaired, modified or tampered with by any person other than a Company Operative Subject to a change of use after we have completed the work.17.1 Customer complaints have to be made after 2 days of the job completed; which will allow us to investigate the reason of the issue. However, after 2 days we will not take any responsibility of misuse or negligence of material or services.
  18. Neither we nor you shall be liable for any breach of our respective obligations under the agreement between us where either of us is unable to perform those obligations because of a reason beyond our control.
  19. You will be liable for any losses or damages (including damage to our equipment) which we suffer as a result of either your negligence or your failure to observe any of your obligations under the agreement between us.
  20. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall reduce your statutory rights relating to workmanship and to faulty or misdescribed goods or those relating to our ownership of goods and materials supplied by us to you.

These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with English and Wales Law.

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