Your London handy Man Group is an investor in the quality of it’s staff, experiences of customers and supporter of local communities. The condition of our business operations and relationships is maintained through observeance of the highest ethical standards. Our company ascribes to the following code of ethics:

More than just a removal company!

  • 1. Employees
    We consistently provide a healthy and supporting work environment for employees. We have a zero tolerance of abuse, harrassment and discrimination of any sort, but also including: gender, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation.
  • 2. Customers
    We frankly wouldn’t have the pleasure of running a business without the support of our customers. On that premise, we ensure transparency in all paperwork and verbal agreements.
  • 3. Bribery
    We abhor dishonesty and any attempt at bribery will simply not be entertained or tolerated, by staff our otherwise.
  • 4. Environment
    We seek in all our business operations to respect and protect our natural environment.
  • 5. Competition
    Our commitment to free and fair competition is resillient. Agreements with competitors will not be made in attempts to pix or manipulate pricing or any other type of gain. We will comply with all relevant laws.
  • 6. Data Protection
    We observe all relevant laws of this land regarding data protection, we protect and secure .
  • 7. Transparency
    We seek to keep thing simple and keep doing what we know works.

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